Lego Therapy

We use this play-based approach to facilitate children toward ''communicative competence'' (Ralph and Rochester, 2016), depending on their individualised targets.

The aim of a session is to build a Lego model. The roles that we use within a group are: 

  • Builder: constructs the model, listens to the architect 
  • Supplier: selects the bricks at each stage, listens to the architect 
  • Architect: holds the instructions, describes the bricks to the supplier, instructs the builder where to put them 
  • Facilitator: identifies problems and supports the group with solution

In addition to the jobs, we establish a set of lego-rules to encourage 'model' behaviour. The three golden rules are to be patient, use your words and do your job.

Children will develop their communication skills and build positive relationships within their team.  Each week, every child will have the opportunity to try a different role, thereby providing a new experience and skills set.