We teach phonics using the Read, Write,Inc scheme which is a systematic, synthetics phonics programme. 

Pupils are introduced to the Set 1 sounds in Reception, through Fred the Frog!  As Fred can only use sounds to “talk”, children love to help him by learning how to blend individual sounds to create words e.g.

The letters s - a – t when blended together, form the word “sat”!

These phonically decodable words are known as green words and children quickly develop the ability to apply their phonic knowledge to read them.  Children are also taught how to segment sounds to spell words using their “Fred Fingers!”

As children are introduced to each letter sound, they also learn and practise the correct formation of each letter.

In the Spring term, Reception children are grouped for phonics lessons so that they are able to progress according to their confidence and ability.

Daily Read, Write, Inc lessons continue as pupils join Key Stage One. They enjoy reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts which are aligned with the sounds learnt in class and this gives children the opportunity to consolidate the phonics they have learnt by applying these skills in context.

Our aim is for children to know, and be able to apply, Set Two and Three sounds by the Summer term of Year One so that they are well on their way to becoming confident, fluent readers.  This stands them in good stead for the Phonic Screening Check which takes place in June.

During Year Two, daily Read, Write Inc lessons continue. Those pupils who did not achieve the Phonic Screening standard in Year One, receive extra support, other pupils continue to consolidate their phonic knowledge and skills and the most confident pupils work through the Read, Write, Inc Get Spelling Programme.

Pupils who leave Key Stage One without having developed their phonic knowledge to the required standard will receive Read, Write, Inc interventions in Key Stage Two.

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