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At St Mary’s, children are taught Mathematics through the ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach. ‘Teaching for Mastery’ is a journey from secure mathematical fluency to reasoning and problem solving. It is important that children are not just taught to memorise facts and methods, it is about being able to verbalise their understanding and apply their skills in different scenarios.  Through exploration, clarification and application, children are able to demonstrate a deep, conceptual understanding of a topic and build on this throughout their journey at St Mary’s.


 Please below to see the NC Programmes of Study for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


National Curriculum Programmes of Study- KS1 and KS2

We use the White Rose Schemes of Learning as the basis for our Mathematics curriculum. Information regarding Year Group overviews and additional resources can be found via the link below.


White Rose Planning Overviews Y1-6



As a school, we also subscribe to a range of exciting Maths resources that our pupils can access at home! Click the links below to find out more.



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