At St Mary’s we understand the importance of emotional health and wellbeing for everyone within our community: children, staff and families.  We aspire for every individual to feel supported and for them to know that we are here to help.   St Mary’s provides an ideal environment for promoting good emotional wellbeing in a variety of ways:

The Zones of Regulation has been a supportive way for children to start the day; giving them time to reflect on how they feel and share it with staff who can then help.  It enables every child to understand their own emotions and develop strategies to manage them.

Through our whole school Restorative Behaviour approach, children are given time to reflect on their actions and realise the impact on others.   They talk through strategies of how to manage difficult situations and develop an empathetic nature. 

St Mary’s provides various emotional support interventions through ELSA (Emotional Learning Support), Nurture, Rainbows (bereavement) and Lego Therapy.  We use these interventions for children to work with trained adults who provide our pupils with the time they need to talk; build positive relationships and learn more about themselves.  

We are lucky to have outside support from the Merton Wellbeing Service, who works with families to provide advice about children with anxiety or behavioural concerns.  They have/will run Coffee Mornings in school to share their service with families.


Mental health is of high importance in our school and we encourage families to speak to us if there are any concerns - we are always here.

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