The committee is made up of parents who are appointed at the Annual General Meeting in October and are voted on by fellow parents. Each member can hold a maximum of two years in a role. We are a friendly bunch, a mix of mums and dads full-time and part-time working and non-working parents - basically we are just like you and we thrive with your support. 



Co-Chair: Jin West
Co-Chair: Isabel Martinez Picazo
Co-Secretary: Clare Price
Co-Secretary: Dominique Clifford
Co-Treasurer: Mark Froli
Co-Treasurer:  Helena Cairns
Co-Communications Officer: Maeann Carandang
Co-Communications Officer: Heidi Taylor
Co-Health and Safety Officer: David Frye
Safeguarding Officer Desiree Abrahams
Events Officer: Danielle Vella

You don't have to be a formal member of the committee to be involved. The committee members make up a very small part of the SMA and depend heavily on the involvement of all parents to organise and run the different events and activities throughout the year. 

Committee Meetings

Getting involved with the SMA is a great way to find out what's going on in school and meet other parents. We hold monthly meetings, alternating between the Thursday evening and Friday mornings, usually in the school hall. Our meetings alternate between mornings and evenings so they can suit everyone. All parents are encouraged to come along to listen and have their say although attending puts you under no obligation. 

Please see the events diary for the time and date of the next meeting.

To ensure that everyone is up to date and in touch, Agendas and Minutes from the SMA meetings are circulated via email through the class reps. Remember new ideas are always welcome so please get in touch.


Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday 27th January, 6.30pm


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SMACommunicationsRole.pdf .pdf
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SMASecretaryRole.pdf .pdf
SMATreasurerRole.pdf .pdf