Religious Education


At St Mary’s, RE is at the core of our curriculum. Each lesson is a special time in our day that begins with a moment of calm and reflection to enable us to prepare to learn, reflect and respond more to the word of God in our lives. RE is linked to so many different areas of our curriculum so that every child has a way to develop their own faith journey in a way that is meaningful to them.


 RE at St Mary’s

  • RE lessons at St Mary’s are creative, dynamic and interactive. They are planned in line with the objectives set out by the diocese (see below) and opportunities for greater depth have been prepared.
  • RE is timetabled and taught by the class teacher for 2.5 hours a week (10% of teaching time).
  • Big books will be used by each class to record discussions and practical RE activities. These are on display for all who visit our classrooms to come and see!


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