St Mary's Catholic Primary School


Mrs Marianne Macdona

Russell Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1QL

Pupil Premium Report


By signing up to the Pupil Premium scheme the school could receive hundreds of pounds from the Department for Education for each successful application. For every eligible parent who signs up, the school could be in line for grants between £900 and £1,300 to spend on resources such as extra staff, books or school trips. Other advantages to having a pupil premium grant means that you would not need to pay for educational visions or trips and your child would have the opportunity to receive free nutritious meals at school; which research has shown links to educational attainment. All information held at school about children in receipt of Pupil Premium is strictly confidential.

Apply onlineor speak to Mrs Rhule in the school office four further information.


See how we use our Pupil Premium grant.