Catholic Social Teaching at St Mary's


Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is a key part of life at St Mary's. Each class from Reception to Year 6 has a key principle which they work on throughout the year to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to live out that principle in their daily lives. Please see the video below for a brief introduction to Catholic Social Teaching and a video about CST for children. 


We are working hard to develop ways that children can respond to these principles, whether through learning, fundraising, community outreach or campaigning. 


To help our community to undertsand and embrace these principles, we use a range of different resources from different organisations. Thank you to all of the organisations who help support us in nurturing children who work for the common good and to serve others. If you would like to find out more about these organisations and offer your support, please use the links below. 



The Nine CST Principles

Each year group, from Reception to Year 6, learns about all nine principles and focuses on developing their understanding of one of the principles in depth each year. We use nine animals linked to each of the principles from Cafod to help children identify the principles. 


Reception- Human Dignitiy (Everyone is special)

Year 1- Promoting Peace (Being peacemakers)

Year 2- Solidarity (Showing we care) 

Year 3- The Common Good (Thinking of everyone) 

Year 4- Preferential Option for the Poor (Putting people most in need first)

Year 5- Stewardship (Caring for God's gifts)

Year 6- Subsidiarity (Everyone should have a say)