Diversity and Equality



“The world exists for everyone, because all of us were born with the same dignity. Differences of colour, religion, talent, place of birth or residence, and so many others, cannot be used to justify the privileges of some over the rights of all. As a community, we have an obligation to ensure that every person lives with dignity...” 

Pope Francis- Fratelli Tutti  (2020)

A message from the chair of the St Mary's Diversity and Inclusion Group

I am delighted to introduce myself, Natalie Diana Busari, as the new Chair of the St Mary’s Primary School Diversity and Inclusion Group. It is with great enthusiasm that I take on this role and look forward to working together with all of you to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality within our school.


As the founder of “The Nerve of My Multiple Sclerosis,” a non-profit patient organisation advocating for black individuals living with MS, I have witnessed first-hand the importance of ensuring equitable access to care for all. This experience has strengthened my commitment to fostering an inclusive environment within our school community.


The Diversity and Inclusion Group aims to create an atmosphere where every student, parent, and community member feels valued and represented. We believe that by embracing our diverse backgrounds, we can build a stronger and more unified community.


To further enhance our efforts, we are eager to expand the reach of our group and invite parents from different backgrounds to join us. We understand that by including a variety of perspectives, we can plan events and activities that truly reflect the richness of our community. Our goal is to celebrate and learn about different cultures while fostering an anti-racist environment within St Mary’s Primary School.


We warmly encourage parents from all backgrounds to come forward and participate in this important initiative. Your involvement will not only contribute to the growth of our group but also provide us with fresh ideas and perspectives to help maintain an inclusive and anti-racist school environment.


If you are interested in joining the St Mary’s Primary School Diversity and Inclusion Group or have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly or the Headship Team. Together let’s create a school community where everyone feels heard, respected, and represented.


Thank you for your continued support, and I am excited about the positive changes we can make together.


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