School Fund

Each year, we request that families make a donation towards the St Mary’s Education Enrichment Fund (previously known as ‘School Fund’). We would like to start by thanking everyone who has already made a donation this year, this is very much appreciated. If you have not yet donated but would like to do so, please do so via the ParentMaill shop. 

This Education Enrichment Fund provides for items, resources, experiences and activities which enhance and enrich the curriculum and therefore the children’s learning experiences at school. These are things that we are often unable to make allowances for within the constraints of the main school budget (which primarily covers staffing, utilities, maintenance and essential learning resources). This is particularly true this year, in light of the impact of the pandemic on the school’s ability to generate revenue and the additional provision of staffing and resources that have been necessary to safely run the school.

Examples of projects and initiatives that have been made possible by the Education Enrichment Fund are performances and workshops provided by theatre groups and specialists, who come in to school to boost and bring to life key areas of the curriculum. As part of their work around the forthcoming World Book Day event, classes have been able to subscribe to live readings of books by their authors and children in all classes will also benefit from participating in professionally led dance workshops entitled ‘bringing books to life’.

As you know, we also use the fund to enable staff to plan and resource curriculum focus events and the feedback and pupil engagement in the days we have been able to hold so far this academic year have been great. Coming towards the end of our third lockdown we know that pupils’ motivation for learning may be waning so anything we can do to ignite that spark of joy is a blessing!

The St Mary’s Education Enrichment Fund is different to, and separate from, the Governors’ Development Fund - which is primarily used for projects such as building improvements and essential works (e.g. new pumps for the boilers). Money in the Education Enrichment Fund is only used to pay for things which directly benefit the children educationally.

We ask that families make a voluntary donation of £40 per family for the year but we would gratefully accept any amount and completely understand that this year may have brought about unprecedented changes in circumstances. As stated, the donation is entirely voluntary and we would not wish for families to put themselves under any financial pressure in order to make it. Once again thank you if you have already donated.

If you are a UK taxpayer and have not already completed a gift aid form for the school, please also complete the Gift Aid declaration so that the school can claim the tax back on the donation.

Thank you for your much-valued support for the St Mary’s family; which makes our school a better place for all students.

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