St Mary's Catholic Primary School


David McCabe

Russell Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1QL

Physical Education



Our PE intent is to ensure our pupils feel healthy, happy, and are ambitious learners at St. Mary’s. We have designed our curriculum with the focus that it will deliver a high standard schedule and develop all the necessary skills which make a well-rounded sports person; such as leadership, resilience, communication and perseverance.

In PE we have a ‘nobody is left behind’ mentality, where lessons are tailored to suit the diverse needs of all individuals within our school community. For our children, the curriculum is only an entry point of learning which will facilitate the skills needed for the future.

We want our children to value the importance of Physical Education and know the impact which it has on not only their physical state but also their mental health and the longevity of their life.


Please click here to see details of our most recent Sports Funding Overview.




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