Section 5 -December 2021


St Mary’s is a very positive, nurturing place built on mutual respect. Pupils enjoy coming to school. Parents and carers confirm this. A comment, typical of the many received, sums it up well: ‘A very happy, secure setting in which my daughter is really thriving’.

The mission statement, ‘To be the best that we can be’, is embodied by staff. Pupils thrive because the curriculum is ambitious for all. Staff ensure pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) have the same opportunities as their peers. As a result, all pupils achieve well. Pupils behave exceptionally well. Pupils concentrate well in lessons. They said that the golden rule of ‘Kind words – great choices’ supports them to make the right decisions.


Please find the full report below from our most recent Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.


A Letter from the Head Teacher 

 Our Latest OFSTED Report

 Department for Education


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Section 48 - July 2018

St Mary's is an outstanding school because it is a warm and welcoming school offering a high standard of education within a happy Catholic community. Its attractive learning environment clearly proclaims its Catholic identity. The Headteacher, senior leaders and governors have a clear shared vision for the school. They demonstrate a purposeful commitment to continuous school improvement and to ensuring
that the strong Catholic ethos permeates all areas of school life. Pupils feel safe and happy
and enjoy coming to school. They are kind and considerate to each other and know that they
have a responsibility ‘To be the best that we can be’ in all respects. Parents feel part of the
school community and value the Catholic Education it offers.


Please see the full report and letter from the Diocese attached.

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St Marys Wimbledon Denominational Inspection Report.pdf .pdf