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All children engage in P.E lessons and children in years 2 and 3 also engage in swimming lessons at Wimbledon Leisure Centre. Specialist sports coaches are employed to teach children in Reception to Year 6 to ensure we meet the requirements of two hours high quality PE per week. As part of a cluster of schools we are also able to go off site for activities such as tag rugby, dance, gymnastics and volley ball.

We are proud to be part of the Merton School Sports Partnership. Please click on their logo to visit their website. 

We also have good links with Fulham Football Club who provide high quality PE lessons for our children and work alongside teaching staff to implement lessons.


We are delighted to announce that we have achieved 2 PE Gold Mark Awards for the 2016/17 academic year.

We have achieved a Gold Sports mark through the Merton School Sports Partnership with which we have been affiliated for a number of years which run many of the sports festivals that the children take part in, provide Gymnastics sessions at school, as well as provide professional development for staff. We are absolutely thrilled to continue achieving gold having met some very tough criteria!

We have also achieved a gold in the School Games Mark. The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.


Our PE Curriculum Map



Please click here to find  information about the Sports Grant which all Primary Schools receive. 

Cricket- Cluster Competions Year 5/6 and 3/4

Year 3/4

On Thursday 17th May, eight of our Yr3/4's took part in the Merton SSP Cricket Festival held at Dundonald Recreation Ground. They played some fantastic cricket scoring lots of runs as well as hitting lots of fours and sixes on their way to recording wins and draws. Each of them worked incredibly hard in the week running up to the competition as they prepared for the festival and can be proud of their performance on the day. Well done to Sam C, Henry F, Rory H, Pablo, Maja, Orla, Nancy and Noah C.

Year 5 and 6

On Wednesday 23rd May, seven our of Yr5/6's went to Old Ruts to take part in Merton's Cricket Festival. Having been drawn in a tough group the team managed to finish third in the group of seven. They played some brilliant cricket with a consistently high run rate and bowling rate which was noticed by the Merton SSP coaches. With the team finishing sixth overall each of the team can be extremely proud of their work on the day as well as the excellent commitment shown at training. Congratulations to Alex, Jack F, Fergal, Teagan, Luca, Aurora and Robert.

KS2 Inclusive Football Festival- May 2018

On Friday 4th May 9 of our Yr 5s took part in a KS2 Football Festival at Tooting and Mitcham. They played 7 matches over the day winning or drawing the majority of them. They showed great sportsmanship by shaking hands and congratulating opponents throughout and played some brilliant football to match. Well done to Antrian, Emile, Alessandro, Jack C, Harry, Rory E, Cameron K, Leonardo N and Darren W

Pelham Fixtures- Year 3 Basketball- may 2018

Well done to all our brilliant Yr 3's who represented St Mary's at Pelham yesterday in a number of basketball matches. They had lots of fun and did themselves and the school incredibly proud. They put all the training during clubs to good use with some brilliant pieces of play. Well done to Chloe F, Sam F, Sam C, Finn F, Dean F, Diego, Isabel, Dylan, Keira, Erin, Barney and Darivsz. and Emma.

Swimming Gala Finals- March 2018

On Friday 16th March, the swimming finalists represented St Mary's at the Borough Finals at Morden Pools. Roughly 40 children had tried out for each race and it was only the top 6 swimmers who made it into the finals- what an achievement to have come this far!

The atmosphere was eclectric and the standard of swimming was incredible. Thank you to all the parents and families who came out and supported the team. A huge well done to all the children who competed; Stella, James, Jude, Joseph F, Ava C, Daniele, Eothain and Andrea. A huge congratulations to the children who placed in the top 3 in their races.

Andrea: 3rd -Year 4 Girls Backstroke

Daniele: 2nd -Year 5 Boys Freestyle

Eothain: 2nd -Year 5 Boys Breaststroke

Ava C: 2nd -Year 5 Girls Breaststroke

Joseph, Eothain, Jude, Daniele: 1st Boys Relay Medley.

Quick Sticks Hockey- March 2018

On Thursday 15th March 2018, Mr Allen and a group of 15 children, ranging from Years 4 to 6, went to Ditton Fields in Thames Ditton to participate in the Quick Start Hockey Tournament which was organised by Wimbledon Hockey Club. The children all played extremely well showcasing their natural talent for hockey, as well as their sportsmanship and teamwork skills. It was a very enjoyable day out and the children left with their heads held high after all performing fantastically throughout the tournament. To top the day off the children were able to meet the England Field Hockey Olympic Gold Medallist Crista Cullen. A massive thank you and well done goes to the following children who took part; Matty , Aurora , Larissa , Aodhan, Niall , Orla , Ava , Teddy , Emile , Leonardo , Darren , Eleanor , Ben , Lucia and Joseph .

Year 3/4 Football-  February 2018

Mr Gallagher and his elite team of Year 3/4 children braved the elements to take part in the Year 3/4 football tournament on 8th February, which was held at Dundonald Park. The team demonstrated great determination and resilience against tough opposition. A big well done goes out to Archie, Robert, Liam, Noah, Charlie, Luca, Ciaran, Barney, Alvaro and Thomas. Also a special thank you to the parents who gave up their time to come and support the team.

Key Step Gymnastics- Year 5 and 6- February 2018

T On Friday 2nd February 2018 four children represented St. Marys at the Merton SSP 5/6 Gymnastic competition. Competing against over 20 schools in vault, body management and floor exercises they did fantastically well and should be very proud of their achievements. Finishing outside the top 3 but they really gave everything and all the training they put showed throughout. Well done Lara , Isabella, Thomas  and Jude .

Pelham Fixtures- Dodgeball Year 4- February 2018

On Friday 2nd February, a group of children from 4F and 4B were chosen to play against Pelham Primary School in an action-packed event of dodgeball! All children involved played extremely well, showcasing their excellent dodge-balling skills, and as always their fantastic sportsmanship. A huge well done goes out to Mariana, Nikola, Adam, Amelia, Noah, Catherine, Frank, Eva, Henry, Ella Jane, Rory, Martha H, Martha J, Nela, Phoebe, Oliver, Luca, Pablo, Sophia, Maja, Elliott and Marlo. Also a massive thank you to the parents and carers who came along to support and cheer on the children. It was very encouraging to see so many of you!

Boccia- January 2018

A huge congratulations to our four fantastic Boccia players who took part in last Friday's Merton Schools Sports Partnership (SSP) festival. They put in lots of work and made some brilliant shots on our way to winning half of our matches. They were all a credit to St. Marys in all aspects of the day. Well done to Scarlett, Luke, Ben M and Simran.

Swimming Borough Heats- JANUARY 2018

On Tuesday 30th January 2018 we took 16 children to the first heat of the Merton SSP Swimming Gala to race against 6 other schools. We performed so well and they represented the school with great pride winning seven of the 20 races. It will be a few weeks before we find out if our times were fast enough to compete in the Swimming Gala Final, but the children can still be very proud of the times they set. A huge well done to Ava, Ciara, Joe F, Eothain, Jude, Charlie, Andrea, Ann- Claire, James P, Daniele, Stella, Roisin, Liam C, Jeremi J, Lucia and Alicia.

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Cluster Competition- November 2017

On Thursday 9th November a group of some of our Yr3/4 took part in the Merton Tag Rugby Festival. During the day they scored plenty of tries and competed in a positive manner in all matches. Thank you to all the parents who came and supported the children and for Mr Martin who prepared them for their matches. Well done to

Simon, Sam C Denise Lucy, Isabel, Matthew, Zuzanna, Barney,Marcus, Eloise ,Maja ,Henry, Rory, Noah, Jack,  Pablo, Liam and Charlie​.

Fun Sports Festival- November 2017

On Friday, a team of 5 children represented St Mary's at a Sport festival with a huge variety of sport. The children worked so well together and came back to school proudly sporting their medals. Well done to Sofia, Simran, Luke, Sam and Finn for representing St Mary's so well.

Holy Trinity Netball Fixture- November 2017

On Wednesday 7th November, St Mary's hosted Holy Trinity for four Netball matches. The children played some excellent Netball with a number of great goals, spirited sportsmanship and team skills. Well done to all the children that played and a special thank you to the SMA for the floodlights, which made it a bit easier to see the ball in the last matches. Well done Matty, Niall, Lara H, Lara E, Ava C, Roisin, Larissa, Fynn, Liam, Aurora, Emily R, Aodhan and Jack W.

Netball Cluster Competition- October 2017

A huge congratulations to both of our Netball teams that competed in the Yr 5/6 MSSP Cluster event on Thursday. Both our teams placed in the top 10 with one narrowly missing out by 1 point that would have qualified them for the Borough Finals. There was some fantastic teamwork on show as well as some brilliant Netball play which saw plenty of points scored against a variety of Wimbledon teams. Well done to Liam, Niall, Lara H, Lara E, Emily G, Emily R, Larissa, Roisin, Ava, Aurora, Fynn, Matty, Jack

Young Leaders- Multiskills October 2017

Both Year 5 classes have been hard at working planning and adapting sets of sports activities to use with the children in Year 1 and in Year 3. Over the last two weeks they have set up and delivered two fantastic sessions with children from St Mary's Primary as well as Pelham Primary. It has been fantastic to see how they have explained the activities to younger children, encouraged them and led by example. We are really proud of both 5A and 5R.  Thank you also to Mr Allen and Mrs Rugsataya for their hard work and all the other staff who helped out with the events. We look forward to seeing the new Young Leaders start our lunchtime clubs soon!

Football: 9 a-side League

We've started the year off with a bang with our 9 a- side matches having won one and narrowly lost the other. The children are training incredibly hard and are looking forward to the matches to commence again after Spring Half Term. In the meantime some children in the squad will be playing in a Merton Cluster competition soon. Watch this space!

Cross Country Festival- September 2017

What a great sporting start to the new year with 23 children taking part in the Cross Country Event at Morden Recreation Ground this past Friday. Despite a wet start to the day, the atmosphere was great and the team spirit was hight! The children had to run roughly 1300m and did so with great determination and smiles on their faces. It was lovely to see how they all cheered each other on. This event was one of the our non-competitive events of the year and we are incredibly proud of the children for running so well and for the support they showed towards the rest of the participants. Thank you to all the parents who came and cheered us all on. Well done to Thomas, Ciaran, Matty, Barney, Ollie,Cyprian,Ella, Lucy, Sienna, Eloise,  Silvia, Victoria,Jack B, Aodhan, Alberto, Alberto GS,  Rafael, Alicja, Albane, Niamh, Martha, Olivia and Isolde.

Sports Day- June 2017

On Friday 23rd June, some very excited children walked to Wimbledon Chase to have our annual Sports Day. A great day was had by all, with some excellent, running, hurdles and relays and fantastic displays of sportsmanship.

The results are in!

1st. St Matthew (Red House) 2nd. St Luke  (Green House) 3rd. St John (Blue House) 4th St Mark (Yellow House).