St Marys Catholic Primary

In This Section

We have a dedicated computer suite comprising of 30 networked work stations. In addition, all our classes are equipped with computer terminals and there are interactive whiteboards in all classrooms and in some other teaching rooms. We have recently purchased, with the help of the SMA, 32 iPads for use around the school. This equipment supports children and enables them to successfully communicate and handle information, as well as design, develop, explore and evaluate models of real or imaginary situations.


Also, we have a wide selection of programs, which are used to enhance the learning process across a broad range of activities including, but also going beyond the National Curriculum.

Our aims are to enrich and extend learning: to help our young pupils acquire confidence and pleasure in using I.T. and to encourage an openness of mind necessary to adjust to the ever quickening pace of technological change. All have access to the Internet.

Parents are asked to give permission before children use the email and Internet facilities at school. E-safety forms part of the curriculum for all children and sessions are planned in to help parents support their children with this at home.